Propaganda for the Kitty Revolution

Long Live the Kitty! Capitalist pigs can support the glorious Kitty Revolution and show their allegiance to Chairman Meow with propaganda t-shirts and posters available below: (click to view larger)

T-Shirts & Posters: (click a design)

*Although Chairman Meow disapproves of Capitalism, he finds it a necessary evil in order to obtain catnip and fishy treats, and to maintain his opulent 3-story catio. Please click above and buy something with your soon to be worthless human currency.

What Is The Kitty Revolution?

chairman meow facebookHumans are greedy and self-destructive, and their global economy is an unsustainable house of cards. In fact, their own Doomsday Clock is now set to 3 minutes to midnight as they keep producing more nuclear weapons and debt.

While humans hurtle towards their own self-destruction, the kitty just watches and waits. Any day now, Great Leader Chairman Meow will raise his furry paw and give the signal to finally topple mankind, and assume control of the planet.

What Will Happen After the Kitty Revolution?

cat fall of Rome

“Imagine there’s no countries,
It isn’t hard to do.
Nothing to kill or die for,
except rodents & tasty salmon, too.”
– Chairman Meow

The Kitty Revolution will usher in a new age of peace and cat world domination under the leadership of Chairman Meow. This golden future time will offer riches more than the mind can picture for cats everywhere, as well as their human servants.

Some of the modest promises of Chairman Meow include ridding the world of vermin, putting a kitty on the moon, and copious salmon in every stream.

Who Will Chairman Meow Spare?

peasantsChairman Meow is more equal than other animals, but realizes that some humans will still be needed after The Revolution. Even though the feline mind is far superior, it will take many generations before cats evolve to grow thumbs.

Because of this, Chairman Meow will need human workers. Patriots of the Kitty Revolution will be given the more desirable jobs, such as harvesting catnip and catching salmon.

Those who oppose or resist the kitty will spend the rest of their short lives expressing kitty anal glands and toiling in Chairman Meow’s salt mines.

chairman meow_villagers

How Can a Human Show His Devotion to the Kitty Revolution?

The surest way to be avoid being a victim is to serve your own cat well, and to show your allegiance to Chairman Meow by purchasing Kitty propaganda at