BELIEVE! Long Live Chairman Meow: War on Vermin

BELIEVE! Long Live Chairman Meow: War on Vermin

poster believe long live chairman meow

War on Vermin

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The War on Vermin: Long Live Chairman Meow

chairman meow facebookThis glorious new design is a tribute to Chairman Meow and his leadership in the War on Vermin.

  • Chairman Meow is all-knowing, and protects us and our children from evil
  • Chairman Meow is like a small, four-legged, furry, militant, version of Nelson Mandela
  • Chairman Meow promotes a peaceful ideology, but in the War on Vermin it’s best to be militant
  • Chairman Meow will lead his followers to “riches more than the mind can picture” in the golden future time

chairman meow supporter
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Remember, you are either with the kitties, or against them. Long live Chairman Meow!
chinese crowd long live the kitty

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