canis minor stars

Chairman Meow Calls for Boycott of Canis Minor Constellation

Once again, Chairman Meow finds himself at odds with the scientific community. Why, you ask?  Two words: Canis Minor. The elites would have us believe that Canis Minor is a legitimate constellation that resembles a dog, but I dissent.  Gather around, my students, and let Chairman Meow educate you on the most disgraceful “constellation” in […]

cat or possum

Chairman Meow Explains Difference Between Cats & Possums

Dear Chairman Meow, what kind of cat is this!? – Dan, Miami Florida Thank you for your question, Dan. Apparently there has been some confusion as to what is a kitty, and what is not a kitty. This may be due to recent proliferation of fake news on the inter-webs. Or, perhaps this “kitty confusion” can […]

Felis the Cat: The Glorious KITTY Constellation Lost to History

“Dear Chairman Meow, are there any domestic cat constellations in the sky?” – Joanna R., Lansdale, Pa Excellent question, Joanna, and you are in luck because Chairman Meow has infinite knowledge of all things. Allow Teacher Meow to fumigate his wisdom upon you. Yes, in fact, there used to be a glorious constellation called, Felis the Cat. […]

Did Martha Washington Name Her Cat After Alexander Hamilton?

Dear Chairman Meow, is it true that Martha Washington named her cat after Alexander Hamilton? – Peggy, New York, NY Yes, Peggy, rumor has it that Founding Father Alexander Hamilton was a bit of a dog when it came to the ladies. Actually, you could say he was more of a tomcat; and George Washington’s wife, […]

cat evolution proof

A New Phase of Kitty Evolution? Here’s the Shocking Proof

Scientists: Are Cats Rapidly Evolving? – In a shocking press release today, Chairman Meow’s Ministry of Science has provided scientific evidence that cats are evolving at a stunning pace. The stunning video clearly shows a kitty walking upright like a human. Believing that she was not being observed, the kitty reportedly walked into the kitchen, made a tuna […]

humpty dumpty gold

Humpty Dumpty, Entropy, & Gold: Why This Won’t End Well!

Dear Chairman Meow, Is gold real money? – Janet Y., Washington, D.C. Ah, thank you for your question, Janet. Chairman Meow is a very knowledgeable and observant cat with a healthy distrust for human governments. Allow him to teach you about a concept called, “entropy,” that is pervasive in our world, and tell you why it […]