The Truth About Evolution: Explained by Chairman Meow

Dear Chairman Meow. “Which theory is true: evolution, or intelligent design?” Mike P. of Columbus, Indiana Thank you for your question, Mike. Wise Teacher Chairman Meow knows all things, and must inform you that both of these theories are wrong. Perhaps Chairman Meow can clarify things: Is everything clear now? And, while we are on the […]

Don Corleone with cat

Marlon Brando’s Cat in The Godfather: A Brief History

Dear Chairman Meow, “Can you tell me about the history of the cat in the movie, The Godfather?” – Connie C., Staten Island, N.Y. Yes, Connie, Chairman Meow knows all things. Allow me to educate you about the kitty that steals the famous opening scene from Marlon Brando in The Godfather movie: History of The […]

why cats like boxes

5 Reasons Why Cats Love Boxes So Much

So, why do cats like cardboard boxes so much? Watching your cat play around with a box can be incredibly entertaining. After all, cats in boxes make up a hefty portion of many brilliant cat videos on YouTube. But what’s the real reason why your kitty is so into hiding, sleeping, sitting, and playing in […]

chairman meow poster design

New (Glorious!) Chairman Meow Poster Design: Long Live the Kitty!

Chairman Meow poster design: The Feline Ministry of Propaganda has released a new, glorious, design to honor Dear Leader Chairman Meow. *Warning: Before viewing the new Chairman Meow poster design, please have tissues ready, as you may be brought to tears of Kitteh patriotism: Behold, Chairman Meow Poster: Long Live the Kitty! *Full title of […]

history of lolcats

The First LOLcat? Brief History of Lolcats from Chairman Meow

Dear Chairman Meow, What are LOLcats, and who created the first one? – Marcy D., Chicago, Il For those who live under a large rock, or only use their phone for “calling people,” Wise Teacher Chairman Meow will explain what a “lolcat” is. “Lolcat” is combination of “LOL” (laugh out loud) and cat. Basically a lolcat […]

cats witches black plague cause

Why Cats Were (Wrongly) Blamed for the Black Plague in Europe

With Halloween is around the corner, Chairman Meow is reminded of a time hundreds of years ago when similar institutional dogma helped fuel the outbreak of The Black Plague across Europe, leading to the (ignorant) mass killing of cats in the 14th century. Cats Blamed for The Black Plague In the 13th Century a wave of anti-cat […]

chairman meow missile test

Chairman Meow Tests Kitteh Weapon; Threatens Kim Jong Un

AP: In a recent, shocking development, Chairman Meow has successfully tested a new  intercontinental ballistic missile he calls, the “Kittehkhat-12”. According to General Tso, head of Chairman Meow’s Ministry of Blowing Stuff Up, the new Kitteh rocket has the capability to, “reach North Korea” and “fix Kim Jong Un’s stupid haircut.” “The World On Edge” Although […]