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BELIEVE: Long Live Chairman Meow Propaganda Poster (Buy!)

BELIEVE! Long Live Chairman Meow: Chairman Meow is the leader of the glorious Kitty Revolution, which will bring peace and prosperity to earth, making humans their underlings.

This glorious new design is a tribute to Chairman Meow and his leadership in the War on Vermin, terror, drugs, poverty, and all things that are bad. 

Show your support for the Kitty Revolution by purchasing one of these glorious propaganda posters below:

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War on Vermin & bad things

Undeniable facts about glorious poster:

  • Signed by artist, Kevin McCormick
  • Screen printed by hand on fancy French Paper stock
  • 15×24″ – Inexpensive black, wood frames available!

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*Please contact me at longlivethekitty (at) before placing an order with international shipping

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Happy customer displays glorious poster!

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  • Available on light & dark at T-Shirts at our store

The War on Vermin: Long Live Chairman Meow

chairman meow facebookThis glorious new design is a tribute to Chairman Meow and his leadership in the War on Vermin.

  • Chairman Meow is all-knowing, and protects us and our children from evil
  • Chairman Meow is like a small, four-legged, furry, militant, version of Nelson Mandela
  • Chairman Meow promotes a peaceful ideology, but in the War on Vermin it’s best to be militant
  • Chairman Meow will lead his followers to “riches more than the mind can picture” in the golden future time

Remember, you are either with the kitties, or against them. Long live Chairman Meow!chinese crowd long live the kitty