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chairman meow poster design

New (Glorious!) Chairman Meow Poster Design: Long Live the Kitty!

Chairman Meow poster design: The Feline Ministry of Propaganda has released a new, glorious, design to honor Dear Leader Chairman Meow.

*Warning: Before viewing the new Chairman Meow poster design, please have tissues ready, as you may be brought to tears of Kitteh patriotism:

Behold, Chairman Meow Poster: Long Live the Kitty!
long live kitty chairman meow poster

*Full title of artwork: “Chairman Meow, long live the noble kitteh who is loved by many man, who, in kind, he loveth, too.”

chairman meow tshirt design

Capitalist Pigs: Chairman Meow t-shirt available at threadless.comnew

*This would be perfect material gift for the Capitalist orgy that you partake in on December 25th!

Chairman Meow: Warrior Poet

Great Leader Chairman Meow is many things to many people: Teacher, Leader, Fighter, Poet, Fuzzy Lover…

Chairman Meow envisions a glorious golden future time of peace and prosperity; with a kitteh in every home, and salmon in every ocean, stream, and swimming pool.

Chairman Meow Say, “Do Not Believe Fake News”

chairman meowYou may hear many lies about Chairman Meow from the mainstream media. Such fictitious claims include that he did not personally rid Ireland of snakes, or that he does not possess a potentially dangerous shiny thing.

But, do not believe this fake news

Get yourself some Chairman Meow propaganda, stop your harmful “mind-thought,” and support the Kitty Revolution!

If you support the Kitty Revolution, please feel free to leave a comment below:

chairman meow print buy

BELIEVE: Long Live Chairman Meow Propaganda Poster (Buy!)

BELIEVE! Long Live Chairman Meow: Chairman Meow is the leader of the glorious Kitty Revolution, which will bring peace and prosperity to earth, making humans their underlings.

This glorious new design is a tribute to Chairman Meow and his leadership in the War on Vermin, terror, drugs, poverty, and all things that are bad. 

Show your support for the Kitty Revolution by purchasing one of these glorious propaganda posters below:

poster believe long live chairman meow

War on Vermin & bad things

Undeniable facts about glorious poster:

  • Signed by artist, Kevin McCormick
  • Screen printed by hand on fancy French Paper stock
  • 15×24″ – Inexpensive black, wood frames available!

Buy Poster:


*Please contact me at longlivethekitty (at) before placing an order with international shipping

chairman meow supporter

Happy customer displays glorious poster!

long_live chairman meow tshirt

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The War on Vermin: Long Live Chairman Meow

chairman meow facebookThis glorious new design is a tribute to Chairman Meow and his leadership in the War on Vermin.

  • Chairman Meow is all-knowing, and protects us and our children from evil
  • Chairman Meow is like a small, four-legged, furry, militant, version of Nelson Mandela
  • Chairman Meow promotes a peaceful ideology, but in the War on Vermin it’s best to be militant
  • Chairman Meow will lead his followers to “riches more than the mind can picture” in the golden future time

Remember, you are either with the kitties, or against them. Long live Chairman Meow!chinese crowd long live the kitty

Chairman Meow: Some Animals Are More Equal

Chairman Meow: Some Animals Are More Equal

chairman meow some animals more equal than others


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  • Limited edition, signed, screen-printed poster coming soon!


Chairman Meow: Some Animals are More Equal

Chairman Meow believes that all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others. In fact, the Kitty is so equal, that it is at the top of the food chain; eating and killing many types of vermin and tasty fish.

Chairman Meow also recognizes that he is equal to humans. That is why he will employ many of them as servants after the Kitty Revolution; regardless of race or religion.

chairman meow cosmos

BELIEVE: To the Cosmos! – Long Live the Kitty

To the Cosmos!

poster believe long live kitty cosmos

To the Cosmos!

  • Available on light & dark at T-Shirtsnew at our shop!
  • Limited edition, signed, screen-printed poster coming soon

To the Cosmos! Chairman Meow Will Explore Space

long live kitty mission control

chairman meow facebookAlready a hero for his bravery, the intrepid Great Helmsman Meow promises to bring glory to the Kitty Revolution by putting a cat into space.

In this inspiring design, he encourages his cheering followers to believe that all things are possible, as he declares, “to the cosmos!

However, since the moon is made of cheese, Chairman Meow warns humans that it may be a haven for rodents, and unsafe until these vermin are eradicated by the kitty.

Chairman Meow confidently looks towards the heavens, and using his superior feline mind, he creates magnificent constellations, connecting dots that were previously thought to be unrelated. Dear Leader Meow also promises to “make the lost constellation, Felis, great again.” so that the masses may once again bask under a glorious cat constellation.

Supreme Commander Meow informs the captivated masses that each of these constellations may contain more catnip and tasty fish than the mind can picture.

Honor the Kitty Revolution, and support Leader Meow’s great leap forward to space by purchasing a t-shirt from Long Live the Kitty on!


chairman meow army shirts

Chairman Meow Army T-Shirts $18: Support the Kitty Revolution!

chairman meowChairman Meow is the self-proclaimed leader of the Kitty Revolution. He promotes a radical, yet peaceful ideology and envisions a future of cat world domination.

The Ministry of Feline Propaganda has recently created a t-shirt design honoring Great Leader Chairman Meow; and the result is simply glorious:

chairman meow t-shirts army

There are only a limited number of these professionally screen-printed American Apparel t-shirts available! (only 25 in each size: S, M, L XL)

About these glorious Chairman Meow T-Shirts:

  • American Apparel “fine jersey” t-shirts: made & printed in USA
  • “2001” style is unisex for men or women
  • 2-sided screen printed design (small star design on back, between shoulders)
  • 4.3 oz. 100% combed ring-spun cotton “army” color
  • May save you from working in the salt mines when cats take over the world
  • Small, Large, XL (No more Medium): $18 each

Order a Chairman Meow T-Shirt:

Add additional t-shirts here:

*Additional t-shirts, please add $17 each. International shipping, add $5.

American Apparel T-Shirt Sizing Chart:

american apparel 2001 tshirt sizing chart

American Apparel Jersey t-shirt reviews on Amazon

*Please review t-shirt sizing carefully before purchase. Because Chairman Meow shuns Capitalism, he has little money, and can not afford to pay for returns due to sizing or individual fit of t-shirts.

chairman meow tshirt in bag

More About the Kitty Revolution & Chairman Meow.

Chairman Meow is the leader of the glorious Kitty Revolution, which will culminate in Kitty world domination… more about Chairman Meow

mars kitty

Chairman Meow to Send a Cat to Mars: Commissions T-Shirt Design

chairman meow facebook
Upon hearing that there is water on Mars, Great Leader Chairman Meow has quickly promised to send a cat there to search for fishes, issuing the following statement:

“Since the Soviets sent a dog to space, we have been waiting for a good reason to respond by launching a kitteh into orbit. We haz waited many years, because space is generally cold and boring, and the food is bad. However, upon hearing that there is water on Mars, Chairman Meow believes that there may also be tasty fishes, and we must go eat them.”

When asked how such an expedition would be funded, a Chairman Meow announced that he had commissioned a t-shirt design to fund the trip.

“Chairman Meow does not know a lot about Capitalism, but I know that selling t-shirts to Capitalist Pigs should finance the cost of getting a kitty to Mars. While there, the kitty can search for new, exotic tasty kinds of fishes and bring them back so that Chairman Meow and other kittehs may eat them.”

space cat t-shirt

The t-shirt design, titled, “Believe,” has been posted on where it may be printed if there is enough support.

“Chairman Meow encourages you to buy one of these t-shirts to show ur Kitteh Patriotism.”