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Checks Unlimited Coupons – 2018

Checks Unlimited coupons from Chairman Meow. Get up to a 70% discount on personal and business checks, plus new on-site offers each week. Look for personal check offers that also include free shipping and handling or address labels and lettering!

Top 7 Checks Unlimited Coupons for :

*Tips for ordering & using coupons at

Tip #1: Coupons May Include Free Shipping & Free Labels!

Big discounts are great, but a number of offers may also include free delivery and even free labels. If you find that your code doesn’t, you can try a second one for comparison to get the best discount at checkout

Tip #2: Shipping Time?

Are you out of checks? Printing your checks takes 2-5 business days, processing time, plus the actual delivery time. Too slow? You can specify rush order on the delivery options page. If will prioritize your order, cutting the processing time to 2 days.

In the meantime, you can stop by your bank and get temporary checks and deposit slips if you are out or need them asap.

Tip #3: Coupons for Reorders

Unlike most stores that print checks, Checks Unlimited offers a number of coupon codes specifically for check reorders and existing customers. If using their “easy reorder” feature, you may neglect to enter an offer code, so don’t ever pay full price! 

Tip #4: Know Your Routing & Account Number

The two most important items where ordering checks are your bank routing number and account number. If you get these wrong, your checks are worthless. Here’s more:

checks unlimited routing number

Here’s the info you need for Checks Unlimited

  • A routing number is the 9-digit number of the bottom left of your checks that identifies your bank or financial institution
  • An account number is the next set of numbers to the right of the routing number that identifies your checking account
  • The check number should start after the last check from your old check book. Existing customers will have this info saved in their account at

Tip #5: Consider “Duplicate Checks”

Duplicate checks include a carbonless paper to record a copy of every check that you write out for reference. “One-part” checks don’t have this handy feature, but cost less.

Tip #6: How Many Checks In a Box?

How many checks come in each box?

  • One-part (side or top-tear) checks = 125 checks per box
  • Duplicate checks (top or side-tear) = 100 checks per box

Questions? Check out their FAQs here

Tip #7: Use a Coupon for Business Checks, Too!

If you run a small business, every dollar counts, so why pay full price? Checks Unlimited offers small businesses an automatic 10% off with their “regular reorder pricing,” but you can do better. Check out our coupon for 30% off manual and computer business checks!

Tip #8: Checks Unlimited, Where to Enter a Coupon Code

When you begin the checkout process at, you’ll see a box asking, “Have an offer code?” You’ll also see a text field directly below in which you can enter a coupon code like this:

checks unlimited offer code enter

After you enter a promo code, click “apply,” and you’ll see the prices drop for 1, 2, and 3 boxes of checks. Click “continue,” and you’ll see whether your order qualifies for free shipping.

Tip #9: Coupon Code Not Working?

As mentioned, some offer codes are exclusively for new customers, and may exclude reorder checks from existing customers.

Also note that at their personal checks are a completely different shopping cart than their business checks; almost like 2 different stores. For this reason, their is rarely overlap between coupon codes between the business and personal sites.

Tip #10: Add Check Security

Did you know that over a million fraudulent checks are written each day? At checkout you’ll have the option to add check fraud protection:

  • Securiguard offers 7 advanced security features so your checks can’t be copied or altered
  • EZShield protects you against identity fraud (up to $25k) including forged signatures or altered checks, and costs about $2 per box of checks.

The world is full of dishonest humans, so don’t take any chances. In fact, Chairman Meow believes that humans days are numbered, so buy gold and prepare for the Kitty Revolution!

Chairman Meow approves of Checks Unlimited

cats personal checks

logo checks unlimitedI believe it was Ice Cube who first said, “you better check yourself before you wreck yourself.” This is a wise motto to live by in life, and when buying bank checks. If you show up at your local bank, you’ll be paying at least double for checks, ie. “wrecking yourself.”

Also know that Checks Unlimited offers a money-back guarantee on their personal and business checks, so if you are unhappy, call them at 1-800-210-0468 for a replacement or refund

Choose discount bank checks from instead, and spend your savings on catnip for the nearest kitty. Also, please compare these offers with our latest coupons for Checks In the Mail , Snapfish, Walgreens Photo, Shutterfly, and FTD flowers!