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Propaganda Video: Chairman Meow + Kim Jong Un Summit!?

Summit between Chairman Meow and North Korea? The world is holding its collective breath at the notion of a potential summit between two of the world’s most powerful mammals; Chairman Meow and Kim Jong Un.

Not long ago it seemed inconceivable that these two militant leaders could even have a dialogue, let alone meet in person. Now, however, it looks like there is a chance for peace as the two leaders may set a date in the near future for a summit. Here is the inspiring video released by the Ministry of Kitteh Propaganda promoting the potential summit:

Summit With Chairman Meow & Kim Jong Un?

Just watching this video I am brought to tears of kitteh patriotism.

So Different That the Whitehouse’s Video for Summit w/ North Korea

As I watch the summit video featuring Chairman Meow and Kim Jong Un, I can’t help think that possibly the Whitehouse plagiarized Chairman Meow’s video in a desperate attempt to seem relevant. You can watch the official video from whitehouse.gov below and decide for yourself:

Even though Chairman Meow does not approve of the Whitehouse’s propaganda video for the North Korea Summit, witnesses say that he did ask, “why does our video not haz man dunking?”

chairman meow missile test

Chairman Meow Tests Kitteh Weapon; Threatens Kim Jong Un

AP: In a recent, shocking development, Chairman Meow has successfully tested a new  intercontinental ballistic missile he calls, the “Kittehkhat-12”.

According to General Tso, head of Chairman Meow’s Ministry of Blowing Stuff Up, the new Kitteh rocket has the capability to, “reach North Korea” and “fix Kim Jong Un’s stupid haircut.”

“The World On Edge”

chairman meow tv animation

Citizens of Seoul, S. Korea nervously watch the news

Although many were skeptical that Chairman Meow, leader of the glorious “Kitteh Revolution,” possessed the capability to develop such an awesome weapon, he has clearly proved them wrong.

How the Lethal Weapon Is Made

special kitty food“The weapon is fueled by methane gas,” explained the general, “and iz highly advanced.”

“Essentially, we combine an exact amount of “Special Kitty” cat food with a tablespoon of guacamole, and then carefully stir the ingredients together.” 

“The process iz very scientific, as the kitteh must swallow a precise amount of air while gulping down the food.”

“Then, the mixture is allowed to ferment in the belly of the kitteh for several hours, until the weapon is ready.”

Will Kim Jong Un Respond?

kim jong un missile

Photo credit: Reuters

chairman meow“Chairman Meow will pay dearly for his disrespect, and should prepare to face results beyond his expectation.” – Kim Jong Un

The rhetoric between Great Leader Chairman Meow, and Kim Jong Un has escalated in recent days including Kim’s test of a hydrogen bomb, and Chairman Meow’s response that he also haz a big, shiny metal thing.

Just today Kim called Chairman Meow a, “deranged dotard,” to which Chairman Meow replied, um, WTF iz that?!” on social media, along with the following ominous emojis:

cat poop rocket poop emoji

Nuclear War?

In response to the sobering reality that the world could be on the verge of thermonuclear war, the stock market dropped almost 12 points today before quickly recouping the losses on optimism over potential tax cuts.

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chairman meow kim jong un_faces

Chairman Meow Warns Kim Jong Un, “I Also Haz a Shiny Metal Thing”

AP: Tensions escalated even further on the Korean Peninsula today as Chairman Meow’s Ministry of Information released a provocative photo of the Dear Leader posing in front of an unidentified, and sinister-looking metallic object accompanied by the caption, “I also haz a big, shiny metal thing.”

The latest photo comes on the heels of Chairman Meow’s recent taunt of the North Korean leader, which informed him that, “I haz a map.”

The threat also seems to be a direct response to Kim’s successful test of a nuclear bomb over the weekend, and threat to detonate an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) over America.

Such an action could cripple the power grid across a vast area of the country, potentially disabling Chairman Meow’s electric, self-cleaning litter box, and the freezer that holds his personal stockpile of frozen salmon.

Great Leader, Chairman Meow added:

chairman meow“You are playing a dangerous game, Mr. Kim… But, I too like to live dangerously.

You should know that with a mere flick of my paw I could knock this shiny metal thing (SMT) off the table, creating a spectacular crash, and loud disturbance.” 

All eyes will again turn to North Korea to see how their young, brash leader responds to Chairman Meow’s latest threat.

chairman meow kim jong un_stare

Chairman Meow Warns Kim Jong Un: “I Haz a Map…”

AP: Tensions between Kim Jong Un, and Chairman Meow escalated further today as Chairman Meow warned the North Korean leader, I haz a map, while releasing the photo below:

The photo confirms that Great Leader Meow does indeed have a map, and also demonstrates that his pointing skills are clearly superior to Kim’s.

Chairman Meow then added that, “all options are on the table… which iz where I’m going to take a nap now. kthxbye.”

This brazen provocation, which is presumably a response to Kim’s recent threat to develop a giant space laser-pointer rattled already jittery financial markets around the world.

kim jong un cat space laser

Kim Jong-Un Warns Cats: “I Has a Giant Space Laser-Pointer”

north korean news report

North Korea threatens the Kitteh

AP: Kim Jong Un Threatens Cats With Giant Space-Laser – In what appears to be retaliation after a recent alliance between Lenin Cat and Chairman Meow, North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un warned that he has obtained a “giant space-laser,” saying:

“The kitty can not resist the laser beam. I have personally instructed my scientists to create a huge frickin’ laser beam in space, capable of reaching every kitchen floor in America.

When I deploy the laser, kitties everywhere will be mere puppets of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea; helplessly chasing the dot until they collapse.” – Kim Jong Un

North Korean state media then released this shocking, propaganda video, showing the terrifying power of the space laser:

shocking video shows power of space laser

Chairman Meow responds to North Korean threat

Immediately after receiving the threat of a space-laser attack from North Korea, Chairman Meow issued the following statement:

“As leader of the Glorious Kitteh Revolution, I must protect kittehs from all threats; both foreign and domestic

That is why I haz already ordered mass-production of special scientific glasses that will protect the kitteh against the terrifying, hypnotic power of the space-laser:”

cat sunglasses laser pointer

chairman meow facebookI urge all kittehs to wear these protective glasses until further notice, and the threat is over.

But, fear not comrades; I will blow up this “space laser,” but not before turning it on Mr. Un, so that I may give him a much-needed haircut.

You see, Mr. Un, you will never control the kitteh, because the kitteh is too clever. In fact, soon the Glorious Kitty Revolution will begin, and then you and your people will be mere slaves in Chairman Meow’s catnip fields.”

– Chairman Meow haz spoken

chairman meow north korea girl band2

Chairman Meow Challenges Kim Jong Un’s “Army-Girl Band”

kim jong un hair“…I’m in command, hot damn, I got an all-girl band!” – Salt n’ Peppa

In a move seems to directly challenge Chairman Meow and other world leaders, Kim Jong Un has assembled a state-sponsored North Korean army girl band.

In this newly released video, you can watch them playing toe-tapping propaganda favorites like “Let’s Support Our Supreme Commander With Arms:” (below)

Kim Jong Un’s All-Girl Band

Chairman Meow Responds With Challenge

Dear “Supreme Leader,” you are not the first dictator to assemble a band.

In fact, Chairman Meow has won many prestigious awards for producing the pleasing Holiday sounds of his own band; the “Rockcats” aka the original “Pussy Riot:”

Kim Jong Un’s “Moranbong Girl Band” vs. “Original Pussy Riot”

So, Mr. Un, let us have a “battle of the bands,” as the Americans say. Then, we shall let the people decide whose band is truly supreme.

Perhaps we should set the stakes high?

As the devil once said, “I’ll bet a fiddle of gold against your soul ’cause I think (my cat band) is better than you…”

north korean girl band

The stakes?

Chairman Meow proposes:

  • To the winner: A belly-rub and jumbo-size package of fishy-treats
  • To the loser: A trip to the veterinarian, complete with haircut, bath, and anal-gland expression

You see, Mr. Kim Jong Un, I also like to live dangerously.

Chairman Meow haz spoken…


North Korean Moranbong band Performance (video)

jim jong il golf

Chairman Meow Challenges Kim Jong Il to Golf Match

chairman meowChairman Meow scours the globe for “the best”: Glorious Leader Chairman Meow is always looking for phenomenal athletes, fighters, and brilliant minds to test his superior skills against.

According to reports from the official North Korean goverment media, Kim Jong Il is the greatest golfer to ever play in the history of the sport.

Chairman Meow wants in on that action.

Kim Jong Il Shoots a 38 Under Par

Official reports out of North Korea’s capital, Pyong Yang, have claimed that Kim “enjoys golf” and shot an amazing 38 under par the first time he tried at the capital’s (only) golf course in 1994.

This means that according to his score keeper, Kim Jong Il finished the 18 holes in a mere 34 strokes. This is even more amazing, considering that Tiger Woods best score was a 66 in his 19 under par at Augusta; a feat considered by many to be “the best game ever.”

The North Korean government media added that Kim shot “multiple hole in ones” as well as acing another 5 holes. According to North Korean government sources, this super-human feat has become routine for the “Dear Leader” Kim Jong Il, as the media notes that he “routinely shoots three to four holes-in-one per round.”

kim jong il golf water hazzard

Kim Jong Il fearlessly surveys water hazard

3 Hole In One’s (In One Day) is Pretty Darn Good though

Once again, we must consider what an incredible achievement this is; Golf Digest estimates the odds of an amateur getting a single hole-in-one to be over 12,000 to 1.

The odds of two holes-in one in a single round, about 67 million to one. Chairman Meow would tell you what the odds of shooting three holes in one are, but your head would explode.

Chairman Meow officially Challenges Kim Jong Il to Golf Match

Chairman Meow Says: “I haz been waiting for a worthy adversary to test my golf superior game against. Although Chairman Meow haz never played a full 18 holes of golf, I am quite confident that I could beat score of “Dear Leader” of North Korea.

Principles of golf same as principles of batting around ball of string, so transition for Chairman Meow will be very simple. Plus, I have recently begun strength training with same routine that help Pat Robertson leg press 2000 pounds.”

chairman meow lag

But, isn’t Kim Jong Il Dead?

Chairman Meow responds to this detail by reminding Mr. Il that death never stops the great ones.

Did Jesus just give up & retire after he was crucified, or did he stage the biggest comeback ever? (aka “The Resurrection®” ) Chairman Meow himself has nine lives, and does not let a trifle such as death get in the way of a round of golf.

Chairman Meow is available for match any day in next month, except for Wednesday evenings, when Chairman Meow enjoys observing “Honey Boo Boo” on human television channel, TLC.

Chairman Meow haz spoken.