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Vistaprint Free Business Cards? Meh… Try 500 for $10 Instead!

Free business cards promotion from For years Vistaprint offered 100-250 free economy business cards, but that promotion is now gone. The good news is that they now offer a deal that’s actually better for 500 business cards for $10 + shipping, or free sample business cards. Here’s a link to the top coupons for Vistaprint business cards:

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    Ongoing Promo
    Standard business cards $9.99 + shipping. Click to view this popular offer! 
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    50% off standard, or 40% off Premium business cards! Get promo code:

Vistaprint’s free business cards were never really “free”

free business cards vistaprint

“There is no such thing as a free lunch. If you want to enjoy something you have to pay for it.” – Charles Hall

Ah, well said, Charles, and such is the case with Vistaprint’s free business cards promo code. Not only did you get “economy” quality, but you also had to pay for shipping.

For years this was their signature promotion, and it really did wonders for their brand. The money they lost  giving away free business cards surely was a good investment, as those losses paid for future repeat customers.

But, times have changed, and they really don’t need to get their name out there at a loss any more. Not only to they give away fewer business cards for free (used to be 250), but now they are referred to as “economy” business cards. For years they also added their logo on the back of the card, which screamed, “cheap-o!”

Vistaprint’s logo on the back? Ouch! That’s not how most successful entrepreneurs get started. Maybe they would be good for your “economy” business, but who wants cheap-looking business cards, unless you are dropping them in a fish bowl to win a free lunch. (free lunch? That’s ironic!) Here’s a better idea:

2 Better Coupons: 500 Business Cards for $10, or 40% Off Premium

When things are free, the quality usually suffers. If you don’t believe me, try going to the “free” admission day at the Baltimore Aquarium, (a crush of humanity) or try using’s free membership. It’s usually a bad experience!

Now that you’ve given up on getting something for nothing, you have two great options:

*Even with most upgrades or premium printing, you can still get 500 business cards for under $25. That’s only 3-5¢ each!

Tip: Skip the “free” business cards, and pay for nicer ones!

sample free business card

Sample free / economy business card template

Anyway, in this case you should gladly accept the up-sell you get on their site. skip the free cards and consider their 500 business cards for $10 deal. With shipping, it ends up being under $15 for 500 “standard” business cards. 

*You can read my review of the 500 for $10 deal here. , or see coupons for Vistaprint Canada here.

Tip: You Can Request Free Business Card Samples

If you are in no rush, you can also request a free sample kit from Vistaprint that includes both free signature business cards and free brilliant finish business cards, plus a number of other free items. There’s also no charge for delivery, so this might be the only real, “free business cards” option.

Business Cards Tip: Choose the Right Paper Stock!

Buying business cards? Make sure you choose the right paper stock to suit your business cards. Choose from Glossy, matte, linen, & recycled matte. Here’s a 1-minute video showing you these options:

Vistaprint’s “free” or economy business cards: limited design selection

sample free business card

Another sample free business card design

On top of being printed on thinner, 14pt. paper, the free business cards also give you very limited design options.

You’re also limited in options for upgrades for the free or economy business cards and can’t choose extras like rounded corners, or spot gloss. Do you still need reason’s to skip their free business cards promo? Actually, you might find a use for them in other creative ways. Like as tickets for an event or something. Or, maybe you print them for your kids’ lemonade stand?

Update: Well, Vistaprint no longer even offers a “free” option, which is actually a good thing. Go with the 500 for $10 promotion instead!

Apparently no one gives away 250 or 500 free business cards any more

I just searched for similar promotions, and there are no longer any printing companies that offer free business cards. Not even with a promo code. I estimate Vistaprint must have lost $3-5 every time someone used this promotion, so it was purely an investment to get repeat customers. This is similar to the business model of buying printer ink and razor blades.

Well, no other printing services dare try to match this offer, so kudos to for having such a long run where they actually delivered on their free business cards promotion!

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